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Initial D Fifth Stage Episode 15 Vostfr talehan




23. Directed by: Alex Fligelman, Bob Fisher, Paul Trillo Plot: An international crime syndicate with multi-national links, led by the ruthless Ivan Kovacs, embezzles billions of dollars from an Australian bank. Undercover DEA agents, Charlie and Marty Segal, and the woman who is to be Charlie’s fiancée, Charlotte, are put to the test as they attempt to take down the corrupt bank and Kovacs. Edit: Maxxin provides a super-tight edit with a few drops of water, so take a look. It’s a small and concise edit. Only thing I don’t really understand is the music. I think its from a movie soundtrack but who knows. Oh well. Fun fact: This is one of the few movies that I’ve seen without me having seen it before. I read an article about it at the time and it got me interested so I immediately watched it. 24. The Music Lovers (2016) Country: Canada Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy Director: Claudine Brochu Plot: Post-divorce single mom Danielle is at a crossroads in her life. While Danielle is visiting her daughter Jennifer in New York, she is set up by her daughter’s ex boyfriend Macie with the ultimate betrayal. Edit: This is from the ATHEO collection. I’m only familiar with it’s cut but I do believe that it is VERY tight. 25. I Killed My Mother (2008) Genre: Horror Director: Robert Duval Plot: The question for most parents would be, “How could a mother kill her own daughter?”. A question is answered in this compelling thriller which examines the darkness inside every parent and the twisted vulnerability that a child can bring out in the most unnatural of creatures. A film that hasn’t been watched for years until now but I really want to watch again. I’ve got half of it recorded and I think it will be a good fit for one of my cut-short projects. Fun Fact: I think they do a really good job at being vloggers here. Check this one out for some fun facts. 27. The Beaver Trilogy (2014-2017) Country: UK Gen




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Initial D Fifth Stage Episode 15 Vostfr talehan

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